Digital Exhibition on Mahatma Gandhi – “Digital Gandhi Gyan-Vigyan”

Digital Exhibition on Mahatma Gandhi titled “Digital Gandhi Gyan-Vigyan” inaugurated

Ministry of Science & Technology

Digital Exhibition on Mahatma Gandhi titled “Digital Gandhi Gyan-Vigyan” inaugurated

Posted On: 02 OCT 2019 
Bringing a scientific context to mark the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi , the Secretary, Department of Science & Technology, Prof. Ashutosh sharma today inaugurated an exhibition titled “Digital Gandhi Gyan Vigyan Exhibition”.
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The exhibition has been organised in collaboration with a technology start-up under incubation by IIT, namely, M/s Vizara Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Delhi. The exhibition has the following components :
VR Experience : This is an Immersive Virtual Reality experience based on the life of Gandhi ji, with special focus of his life at the Sabarmati Ashram. The visitor wears a VR Headset wired to a computer and experiences the feeling of walking around in the Sabarmati Ashram and gets to view important periods and locations in it by moving physically in the real world.
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Charkha with an AR App : This is a  fabricated physical model of a Charkha which gets animated when seen through an AR app on a hand-held device such as a smart-phone or tablet. Users gets to know about its history, mechanics and linkage to Gandhi ji from the AR App.
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as part of the celebrations, the Department of Science & Technology has also engaged IIT Gandhinagar for  organising a workshop for about 200 school children on 3rd and 4th October 2019. In the workshop, IIT Gandhinagar will explain to the school children the working of an innovative Charkha Generator devised by them on the principle of electromagnetic induction.  These charkha generators will then be gifted to the participating children after the workshop. These school children will also be given the opportunity to avail the AR and VR experience of the Digital Gandhi Gyan Vigyan Exhibition on these two days.
The Digital Gandhi Gyan Vigyan Exhibition  will continue to be displayed in the Department of Science & Technology for a few days for officers and staff of the Department and their families and other visitors to the Department.
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