FAQ – PMMVY – Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana

FAQ Regarding Beneficiary Application Process & Scheme Eligibility under PMMVY

Today we discuss about the Frequently Asked Questions related to Women Welfare Scheme of the Central Govt. – Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana i.e. PMMVY.  Here you can clear all your doubts related to the scheme specially designed for providing nutritional benefit to women.

Q.1. Is LMP Date mandatory to be provided to claim benefits under the scheme?
Ans.1. Yes, the LMP Date, as found in the MCP Card is mandatory to claim the 1st and 2nd installment. If LMP Date is not provided, the beneficiary is not eligible to claim the 1st and 2nd Installment and can claim only the 3rd installment provided she fulfils the conditionality for availing third installment of the scheme.

Q.2. How can a beneficiary avail service if she registers herself with the field functionary after 150 days of LMP?
Ans.2. The beneficiary has to register her pregnancy at the approved health facility within 150 days from the date of LMP which needs to be entered in the MCP Card. Thereafter, she can apply for availing maternity benefit at Anganwadi Centre or to ASHA/ANM within 730 days from the date of LMP.

Q.3. A beneficiary with LMP date of 4 March 2016 is made ineligible by the system. Why?
Ans.3. If the LMP date is before 1st April, 2016, the beneficiary is not eligible for availing maternity benefit under PMMVY and therefore, is considered ineligible by the system (PMMMVYCAS).

Q.4. LMP date of the beneficiary is 4 January 2017 and the Date of Registration of MCP card is 8 July 2017. Why is the system making the First Installment Application ineligible?
Ans.4. The date of registration of the beneficiary in the MCP card must be within 150 days from the LMP date to be eligible to claim the First Installment under the scheme.

Q.5. How many Antenatal Check-up (ANC) needs to be done for availing 2nd installment?

Ans.5. The beneficiary is required to do at least one ANC for availing 2nd installment. The installment may be claimed after 6 months (180 days) from the LMP date.
Q.6. Can a beneficiary undergoing ANC and delivery in Private hospital avail the benefit?
Ans.6. Since only government hospitals have authority to register/update the MCP Card, beneficiary taking services from private hospitals can not avail the benefit of the scheme as MCP card details are mandatory for claiming any installment under PMMVY. However, if the requisite conditions are duly certified by a government doctor or officer/ functionary of the Health Department not below the rank of ANM, the beneficiary can claim maternity benefit under PMVVY and the claim should be accepted by the Field Functionary (AWW/ANM/ASHA).

Q.7. A beneficiary has completed her ANC within 4 months from LMP and has immediately applied for Installment 2, she becomes ineligible. Why?
Ans.7. As per the PMMVY Scheme Implementation Guidelines, Installment 2 can only be claimed after 180 days from LMP date provided ANC has been completed. The date of ANC can be any time before the Date of Claim of Installment 2, but the installment can be claimed only after 180 days from LMP.

Q.8. Does the ANC have to be 180 days after the LMP Date to claim Installment 2 under PMMVY?
Ans.8. ANC can be done anytime between LMP Date and Date of Claim of Installment 2. The date of last completed ANC needs to be provided for claiming the Installment 2.

Q.9. The date of delivery for the first child of the beneficiary is 1st January 2017, Which Installments can she claim?
Ans.9. If the date of childbirth is 1st January 2017, the beneficiary is eligible for all the installments under the PMMVY Scheme subject to meeting all other eligibility conditions for the individual installments.

Q.10. A beneficiary has received Installment 2 and forgotten to apply for Installment 1. Can she claim Installment 1 now?
Ans.10. The dates of claims have to be in sequence, i.e. date of claim of first installment ≤ date of claim of second installment ≤ date of claim of third installment. But the claims can be entered in the system in any order. The scheme conditionalities need to be adhered to.

Q.11. What if a beneficiary meets the eligibility conditions of the scheme but has applied late for PMMVY?
Ans.11. The beneficiary can apply for benefits under the PMMVY Scheme within 730 days from LMP date or 460 days from the date of Child Birth (in case of unavailability of LMP date) subject to fulfillment of all the other eligibility criteria under the Scheme.

Q.12. The date of registration for an Old MBP scheme (IGMSY) case is 4th July 2016 as the beneficiary had filled the form then, the system is not allowing to save the form and showing error. Why is this happening?
Ans.12. The date of registration under PMMVY Scheme cannot be before 1st January 2017. Any Old MBP scheme beneficiary must freshly register in PMMVY by filling up the appropriate form on a date on or after 1st January 2017.

Q.13. If a beneficiary has an LMP date of 7th June 2016 and has not received any money from the Old MBP scheme, is she eligible to receive benefits under PMMVY?
Ans.13. The beneficiary is eligible for all installments if the LMP falls after 1st April 2016 and delivery date must be on or after 1st January 2017 given all the other eligibility conditions are met.

Q.14. If a beneficiary has received the first installment in Old MBP Scheme, is she eligible to apply for PMMVY?
Ans.14. Yes, if a beneficiary has received the first installment in Old MBP Scheme, she is eligible to claim only Installment 3 provided she fulfils the required eligibility conditions.

Q.15. How can a SNO view the CDPO/MO Block wise beneficiary and payment reports?
Ans.15. The SNO level Beneficiary enrolment and Payment report shows details for LGD Block only.

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