How to Apply Online For New Ujjwala 2.0 Connection | Step by Step Guide

 Apply Online For New Ujjwala 2.0 Connection


Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana 2.0

On 1st May 2016, Government of India launched the Scheme ‘Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana’ (PMUY)  as a flagship scheme with an objective to make clean cooking fuel such as LPG available to the rural and deprived households which were otherwise using traditional cooking fuels such as firewood, coal, cow-dung cakes etc. Usage of traditional cooking fuels had detrimental impacts on the health of rural women as well as on the environment. Slogan of this scheme is Swachh Indhan Behtar Jeevan.

Eligibility criteria to apply Online For New Ujjwala 2.0 Connection

  1. Applicant ( woman only) must have attained 18 years of age.
  2. There should not be any other LPG connection from any OMC in the same household.
  3. Adult woman belonging to any of the following categories – SC, ST, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Gramin), Most Backward Classes (MBC), Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY), Tea and Ex- Tea Garden tribes, Forest Dwellers, People residing in Islands and River Islands, enlisted under SECC Households (AHL TIN) or any Poor Household as per 14-point declaration.

Documents required to apply Online For New Ujjwala 2.0 Connection

The applicant must provide following documents:
  1. KYC as per the standard format carrying photograph of the applicant and duly signed.
  2. POI (Proof of Identity)
  3. POA (Proof of Address)
  4. Aadhaar copy of Applicant,
  5. Aadhaar copy of all adult family members as mentioned in Ration Card or similar document.
  6. Bank account details of the applicant
  7. Ration card or any other family document issued by State Govt. /District administration detailing household composition (such as Bhamashah Card in Rajasthan and Samagra Id in MP, Parivar Register of Uttar Pradesh, Parivar Pehchan Patra in Haryana, Rice Card of Andhra Pradesh or any other state specific card getting added later) of the identified household in which her name appears. In states, where the State Government portal has updated family details, a self signed copy of the printout from this portal can also be submitted by the beneficiary in lieu of ration card.
  8. Self-declaration as per Annexure-I in lieu of Ration card for ascertaining family composition in case of Migrant Applicants.
  9. Supporting Document, in case connection is applied under any of the seven categories (i.e. SC/ST households, beneficiaries of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) (Gramin), Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY), Forest dwellers, Most Backward Classes (MBC), Tea and Ex-Tea Garden Tribes, People residing in river Islands).
  10. 14-point declaration in support of Poor household duly signed by applicant as per standard format given.

How can apply for New Ujjwala 2.0 Connection

Applicant can apply both online and offline.
  • Online – Customer can enroll through online application, or she can also contact her nearest CSC Centre for submitting the online application.
  • Offline – Customer can enroll by directly submitting the application at the distributorship.
Applicants may apply to any distributor of her choice either by submitting application at the distributor or by submitting a request through Online Portal.

Related Questions to apply Online For New Ujjwala 2.0 Connection

1. What document can be produced as Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Address (POA) ?

  • Aadhaar Card of applicant will only be considered as Proof of Identity (POI) for applicants of all states except Assam and Meghalaya.
  • This would also serve the purpose of Proof of Address (POA) if the current address of applicant is same as per her Aadhaar.
  • In case, applicant address is different from that mentioned in Aadhaar card, then she can submit any other documents for POA as listed in the Annexure – A
  • For Assam and Meghalaya, where Aadhaar is not mandatory, applicant can submit, any other Proof of Identity as given in the below table.
  • In case of Migrants, they can submit any of the 25 documents mentioned below under list of PoA including self-declaration form as per Annexure – I.
  • Self-declaration form as per Annexure – I will not be considered for Non-Migrants.

2. Is AADHAR authentication (eKYC) is mandatory for connections enrolled under Ujjwala 2.0? If so, how it is carried out?

Yes. Aadhaar authentication will be carried out through Biometric or Mobile OTP based, for the connections enrolled under Ujjwala 2.0. Aadhaar authentication is optional only in the state of Assam and Meghalaya.

3. Can the earlier submitted applications be considered under UJJWALA 2.0?

Yes, the applicant has to fulfil the eligibility criteria as per UJJWALA 2.0 guidelines i.e. submission of Aadhaar of all adult family members and submission of mandatory documents as given in Q (6) above.

4. Under UJJWALA 2.0, is it mandatory to collect Aadhaar for all adult family members as per the age in ration card?

Yes, the adult family members are to be ascertained based on the age appearing in theration card as on date of KYC and Aadhaar details of all adult family members to be collected from the applicant.

5. If the applicant is unable to submit AADHAR card of any family member whose name is appearing in Ration Card or equivalent document issued by state departmentsm, will she be enrolled under UJJWALA 2.0?

Such beneficiaries cannot been rolled. The Distributor has to make efforts in getting the Aadhaar enrolment of such adults in the family and show receipt of same, applicant can be enrolled under UJJWALA 2.0. Exemption will be provided only in case of death of any adult family member or separation of any family member due to marriage etc. with submission of documentary proof like death certificate, marriage certificate etc.

6. Is Pre-Installation inspection mandatory?

Yes. Prior to release of a PMUY connection, pre-installation Inspection will be carried out at Applicant’s Premise as per standard format. The same will be authenticated through OMC’s Mobile app through OTP verification using customer’s mobile number or through physical Inspection format signed by the customer and the distributor.

7. Can I opt for a 5 Kg Connection under the scheme?

Applicant can choose between 14.2 kg single cylinder or 5 kg Single Cylinder or 5 Kg Double cylinder connection.

8. Can customer avail LPG Stove and First refill, free of Cost?

Yes, Under Ujjwala 2.0, OMCs will be providing LPG stove and First Refill at free of Cost to the customer. Hence, Customer need not pay anything while taking LPG connection under Ujjwala 2.0.

9. How to ascertain whether a family member is an adult if no Date of Birth or age is given in the Ration Card?

In this case, a self-declaration with details of family members along with their age to be obtained from the applicant and distributor should verify with Aadhaar details of the family members. This declaration is also required to be uploaded along with ration card of the applicant. Further, the applicant has to submit the details of Aadhaar of all members above 18 years in the KYC.

10. PMUY Connection can be released to Poor Household with no female adult member?

No. PMUY connection can be released in the name of adult female member of the Poor household only.

Helpline Number for Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana 2.0

LPG Emergency Helpline  – 1906
Toll Free Helpline –    1800-233-3555
Ujjwala Helpline   –    1800-266-6696 

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