How Can You Change Your LPG Distributor | Know Everything – Step by Step Guide

Change Your LPG Distributor Online by Portability Facility

Now you can change your LPG Distributor online, if you not satisfied with his service. To inspire healthy competition among distributors in the interest of improved customer service, the option of portability to empower customers to choose between distributors serving the same address has been provided. A customer who not satisfied with the services of his parent distributor can migrate to the chosen distributor from the list of distributors who are catering to same area for enhanced services.

A person who want to change his Distributor need to visit OMC website and register for portability. When the customer applied for changing of distributor and submits application in the portal or app, it will be converted into an automatic transfer process. Even if it is not accepted by the parent Distributor. 


Required Steps to Change Your LPG Distributor :

  1. Visit the OMC websites :
    1. Click Here for Indane
    2. Click Here for Bharat Gas
    3. Click Here for HP Gas
  2. Register themselves in the site if not registered already.
  3. See the list distributors servicing their area and their Star rating in terms of refill delivery performance (5 Star- Excellent, 4 Star- Good, 3 Star- Average, 2 Star- below Average and 1 Star – Poor).
  4. Choose the distributor of their Choice from the List.
  5. The consumer will then receive an email confirming the portability request and status update.
  6. In case of Intra-Company portability request, consumer is not required to visit the parent distributor or Chosen distributor, as all records are digitally transferred.
  7. No transfer fees or additional security deposit will be charged for transfer of connection under portability scheme.
  8. Proactive electronic tracking of the portability request with escalation matrix and its closure is in place to ensure that a consumer does not have any difficulty in moving to the distributor of their choice.

Please Click here for step by step guide to Apply Online For New Ujjwala 2.0 Connection

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