Draw Result of DDA Housing Scheme 2019

Draw Result of DDA Housing Scheme 2019

Delhi Development Authority published the Draw Results of DDA Housing Scheme, 2019 on his official web portal i.e. https://dda.org.in/ You can check your name in the list.
Here is the required steps to find your name in the draw list :
Steps 1. : Visit the official website of DDA i.e. https://dda.org.in/ddaweb/index.aspx

Step 2. :  In the left panel of website, under Online Public Service heading you can find the link of Draw Result of DDA Housing Scheme, 2019.

Step 3. : Click on that link. A pdf file will open in the new tab.

Step 4. : You can search your name or Appl/Reg. No. in the pdf list.
You can find detailed information regarding DDA Housing Scheme, 2019 below.

DDA Housing Scheme, 2019 – Complete Details

Delhi Development Authority ने  प्रधानमंत्री आवास योजना (शहरी) के अंतर्गत वसंतकुंज और नरेला के लगभग 18000 फ्लैटों के लिए ऑनलाईन आवेदन आमंत्रित किये हैं। योजना की विस्‍तृत जानकारी के लिए पोस्‍ट को पूरा पढ़ें। 

a) Applications will be accepted through On-Line mode only.
b) The Applicant will have to deposit application money through online mode via payment gateway only.
c) Upload latest photograph and scanned signature (Photograph and signature should be in Jpeg/PNG format with maximum size of 50 kb).
d) In case of joint application, also upload the latest photograph and signature of the joint applicant.
1) Write name of the applicant as given in PAN Card (Permanent Account Number) issued by the income Tax Department.
2) Write father’s name of first applicant as given in PAN Card.
3) Write name of spouse of the 1st applicant (if married)
4) Permanent Account Number (PAN) of first applicant to be given.
5) Give details of bank account of applicant. For the purpose of refund, details of only Savings Bank Account is to be given (NO NRE ACCOUNT OR CURRENT ACCOUNT IS TO BE GIVEN), refund will not be processed to any other type of account. (In case of application in joint name, refund would be issued in the name of first applicant and hence, bank details of the first applicant must be given).
6, 7 & 9) Give phone number with STD Code, e-mail ID and mobile number. E-mail ID and Mobile number is compulsory and applicant should ensure correctness of the same. Important communications/messages regarding Demand-Cum Allotment letter, conveyance deed etc. will be send on Email- Id/ Mobile number.
8) Enter Aadhar Number (optional).
10) Write code for the category to which the applicant belongs. 
The code for each category is given below:
SI. No. Category Code
1 Schedule Caste SC
2 Schedule Tribe ST
3 War Widow/Next of Kin(refer Clause 3(ii) WW
4 Persons with Disability PD
5 Ex-servicemen EX
6 General Category GE
Disability Clause: A person with disability shall apply in his/her own name but the application may be submitted through his/her legal guardian, if he/she is unable to do so himself/herself.
11 Residential address of the first applicant to be given.
12 Correspondence address for dispatch of demand-cumallotment letter to be mentioned.
13 (a) In case of a joint application, mention the name of the joint applicant.
(b) In case of joint applicant under SC/ST/ Reserved Category, the joint applicant should be from within the family, as defined in sub-clause 2(iv) below.
14 (a) Mention the name of the spouse, If both husband and wife apply separately.
(b) Mention application number of the spouse, if both husband and wife apply separately.
15 Please write the code (given in Annexure ‘A’) for the locality for which applicant wants to apply.
16 Application Money and cost of flat will be deposited through NEFT/RTGS/Net Banking only. Payment through Credit/Debit Card will not be accepted. DDA will not bear any service charges on payments done through any mode.
i) Please read the instructions carefully before filling up the Application Form. In case any column is not filled up properly/ filled wrongly, the liability of rejection of such application will solely rest on the Applicant.
ii) In case of discrepancies in language, English Version will be treated valid.
The Scheme is titled as “Housing Scheme 2019” of the Delhi Development Authority for disposal of newly built up flats.

i. The applicant must be a citizen of India.

ii. He/She should have attained the age of majority i.e. an applicant should have completed 18 years of age as on the date of submitting the application.
iii. A dwelling unit or flat in the Housing Estates of the Authority shall be allotted only to such person who or his wife or her husband or any of his/her dependent relations including unmarried children does not own in full or in part on free hold or lease hold basis a residential plot having area exceeding 67 sqm or flat/built up house having carpet area exceeding 67 sqm in the urban area of Delhi, New Delhi and Delhi Cantonment.
iv. Family means a person or his wife or her husband or any of his/her dependent relations including unmarried children.
v. Both husband and wife can apply for flats separately subject to fulfillment of eligibility conditions with the stipulation that if both are declared successful, only one shall be allotted a flat and the full amount of ‘Application Money’ of the other spouse will be refunded.
vi. One person can submit one application only either in his/her own name or as a joint applicant.
vii. The income of applicants applying for EWS flats should not exceed Rs.3 lakhs per annum. There is no income criterion for other categories except EWS. The applicant can apply according to his/her requirement and affordability.
viii. The applicant should give particulars of his savings account in any Bank and the particulars of the Account must be given in the ‘Application Form’.
ix. Applicant must have Permanent Account Number (PAN) allotted under the provisions of Income Tax Act and the same must be quoted in the Application Form.
x. In case of joint applicant under SC/ST Reserved Category, the joint applicant should be from within the Family, as defined in sub-clause (iv) above.
xi. In case of joint application under war widows, persons with disabilities, ex-servicemen reserved categories, the applicant himself/herself should fall within the reserved category and the joint applicant should be from within the Family as defined in sub-clause (iv) above.

i) Applicants can only apply online. For applying online, the applicant is required to visit DDA’s website i.e., www.dda.org.in.
ii) Applicant applying for flats under this Scheme shall have to deposit application money as detailed below:-
Category       Application Money
EWS/Janta – Rs. 25,000/-
One bed room flat – Rs.1,00,000/-
Two bed room – Rs.2,00,000/-
Three Bed room – Rs.2,00,000/-
However, if the applicant is giving preference for more than one category, he/she has to deposit application money of highest category.
iii) Application once submitted cannot be withdrawn. 
iv) Refund of Application Money: The applicant may, satisfy himself with regard to location, cost, existing facilities in the surrounding area and other related issues before applying for the allotment of flat. The surrender/cancellation charges, as prescribed below, shall be recovered:-
S.No.      Period                          Surrender/Cancellation charges
(i)   From the date of draw and upto 15th
day from the date of issue of demand
cum allotment letter.                                           NIL
(ii) From the 16th day till 30th day from
the date of issue of demand cum
allotment letter.                                                 10% of the Application Money.
(iii) From 31st day till 90th day from the
date of issue of demand cum
allotment letter.                                                 50% of the Application Money.
(iv) After 90days from the date of issue of
demand cum allotment letter.                            Full Application Money.
v) The applicant may give one or more preferences of his/her choice by writing locality codes, given in Annexure ‘A’. It is mandatory to fill at least one preference for locality. It is presumed that applicant has seen the locality before giving preferences. No preference for Sector/Pocket/Floor can be exercised by the applicant. No request for change of locality, sector, pocket or floor shall be entertained by the DDA.
vi) Since the application will be accepted through online mode only, conditional application will not be accepted.

The details of reservations under this Scheme are as under:- 
i. 15% of the flats for applicants belonging to Scheduled Castes;
ii. 7.5% of the flats for applicants belonging to Scheduled Tribes
If adequate numbers of applications are not received from applicants belonging to ST Category, remaining flats shall be disposed of in favour of applicants belonging to SC Category and vice-versa
iii. 1% for War Widows and those receiving liberalised pension from Armed/Paramilitary Services (Next of Kin)
iv. 5% reservation for persons with disability as defined in Section-37(a) of the Rights of persons with Disabilities Act, 2016.
v. 1% for Ex-servicemen.
a. The reservations, as above, are admissible strictly with reference to the number of flats available in a locality.
b. In case number(s) of flats in respect of reserved category comes to a fraction i.e. less than 0.5 it would be rounded off to zero and if it is 0.5 or more it would be rounded off to one.
c. If requisite numbers of applications are not received from the above mentioned five categories, all remaining flats shall be offered to persons of general category.
5. There will be no requirement of submitting any document at the time of submission of application. Only the successful applicants will be required to submit the prescribed supporting documents.

(i) Self attested copy of PAN Card (Permanent Account Number) issued/allotted by Income Tax Department. In respect of successful allottees, the PAN Card details will be verified, before issuance of possession letter.
(ii) Identity Proof e.g. self-attested copy of passport, government Identity Card, Election ID card, Driving License, Ration Card with Photo (of the person whose photo is affixed) or Aadhaar Card. (Upload any one)
(iii) Proof of residence e.g. self-attested copy of passport, government Identity Card, Election ID card, Ration card, Driving Licence, Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill, Water Bill, House Tax Receipt, Bank Pass Book (page carrying name and address) or Aadhaar Card.(Upload any one) 
(iv) Proof of Income for EWS Category as issued by the office of concerned SDM/ Tehsildar.
In addition to (A) above, persons applying under any of the reserved categories have to submit:
i) An attested copy of the original certificate issued by the District Magistrate/Sub Divisional Magistrate of the area concerned in case the applicant belongs to the Reserved Category of SC/ST.
ii) An attested copy of the original certificate issued by the Medical Board or a Govt. Hospital in case the applicant is applying under the reserved category of Persons with Disability. A self attested copy of guardianship certificate issued by the competent authority, wherever applicable, be attached.
iii) An attested copy of Discharge Certificate from the competent authority of Ministry of Defence/Armed Forces in case of ex-Servicemen.
iv) An attested copy of “Requisite Certificate” issued by the Ministry of Defence/Armed Forces/Para Military Forces, in case applicant comes under reserved category of War-Widows/Next of Kins which would include those receiving liberalized pension.
Applicant to submit:
i) Self attested copy of Bank Account Pass Book/Bank Statement from which the cost of the Flat has been deposited along with payment proof.
ii) Affidavit as per proforma given in Annexure- ‘C’ and ‘D’. 
iii) Undertaking as per proforma given in Annexure-‘E’.
iv) Photograph and three signatures of self and spouse, (if married), duly attested as per proforma given in Annexure-‘F’.

All the eligible applicants shall be considered for allotment through a computerised draw based on random number technique. The draw shall be held in the presence of independent observers. The draw for the Housing Scheme 2019 will be web-streamed.
(i) The results of the draw shall be displayed on DDA’s website i.e. www.dda.org.in and also shall be displayed on the Notice Board of DDA at Vikas Sadan, D Block, INA, New Delhi – 110023. In addition, the result shall also be published in leading national Newspapers. An email and SMS will also be sent to each applicant.
(ii) It shall be the sole responsibility of the applicant to check the result of the draw. DDA would not be responsible for delay/non-receipt of the demand-cum-allotment letter by the applicant/allottee.
(iii) A separate wait list of the applicants equal to 25% of total flats on offer will also be declared in order of priority. The waiting list will be valid only for 10 months from the date of issue of demand letters to successful applicants. The application money of wait-listed applicants shall be refunded along with unsuccessful applicants. However, before going for the draw, in case the same takes place, for allotting the surrendered/cancelled flats, all such eligible wait-listed applicants shall be asked to deposit the Application Money. 30 days time shall be given to them to do so and only those names shall be included who deposit their Application Money before the prescribed date.

i) The cost of the flat is to be deposited within 90 days from the date of issue of Demand-cum-Allotment letter. Demandcum- Allotment letter will be issued online, for information purpose. However, a hard copy will be sent by registered post/ speed post. An email and SMS will also be sent to all the allotees.
ii) Further time of 6 months, over and above (i) above, will be available to the allottees subject to payment of interest at the rate of 10% p.a (simple interest). 
iii) The delay in payment of cost up-to six months over and above (ii) above can be regularised. VC, DDA shall be the Competent Authority to allow extension subject to payment of penal interest at 14% p.a (simple interest) and further subject to the condition that at least 25% of the cost has been received.
iv) The application money will be forfeited if the demanded amount is not paid by the allottee within the time prescribed in the demand letter and flat will be made available for allotment to others.
The payment of application money may be made from any account. However, demanded amount after issuance of online Demand-cum-Allotment letter should be deposited from Allottee’s account or from the account of specified/family members through NEFT/RTGS/Net Banking. DDA will not bear
any service charges on payments done through any mode. The family members include relations viz., Husband/Wife, Brother/Sister, Son/Daughter, Grandson/grand-daughter (Son’s child, daughter’s child), Wife of Son (daughter-in-law), Wife of grandson, Husband of granddaughter.

The allotment of flats shall be made on cash down basis except under PD (Persons with Disability) category who will have the option of making payment either on “Cash Down” basis or in installments.

The allottee can avail housing loan by mortgaging the flat to following institutions without prior approval of the DDA. However, an intimation regarding institution to which it has been mortgaged must be sent to concerned Dy. Director (Housing), DDA, Vikas Sadan, New Delhi: –
(i) Government of India; (ii) State Government; (iii) Union Territory Administration; (iv) Public Sector Undertakings /Autonomous Bodies; (v) Nationalized Banks; (vi) Life Insurance Corporation of India; (vii) General Insurance Corporation of India; (viii) Housing Development Finance Corporation; (ix) Cooperative Banks; (x) MCD; (xi) NDMC; (xii) All joint sector companies irrespective of the percentage of share holding; (xiii) University of Delhi; (xiv) All organisations, private or public, which receive the approval of Govt. of India, State Govt. for the purpose of general
mortgage permission and are recognized by RBI as a Housing Finance Company; (xv) All Financial Institutions extending loans to individuals for house building, if they are leading companies with good market standing and repute say with a capital base of Rs.5 Crores or so; (xvi) All Financial Institutions/Banks which are controlled by RBI or the Govt. of India irrespective of the percentage of Govt. shareholding; (xvii) All public companies with a capital base of Rs.5 Crores provided they have a Scheme for granting Housing Building Advance/Loan to their employees and the mortgage is
required for grant of such advances. 
The flat shall be used only for residential purpose and cannot be put to any other use. The allottee shall not be entitled to subdivide the dwelling unit or amalgamate it with any other dwelling unit or to make any structural additions/alterations.

Every successful applicant shall be required to become a member of the Registered Agency/Association of Apartment Owners to be formed for the purpose of maintenance of common portions and common services for these housing pockets, in accordance with the provision of law i.e. DDA (Management & Disposal of Housing Estate) Regulation 1968 in this behalf before the possession of the flat is handed over to him/her. Only one RWA will be registered for one pocket. All allottees of each pocket shall mandatorily have to become member of the concerned RWA. For the purpose of major (capital nature) maintenance, for a period of 10 (ten) years, contribution towards the maintenance fund shall be recovered from the allottees. The Scheme requires that the entire maintenance funds collected would be placed in a corpus as an escrow account and maintenance works (Capital nature) would be undertaken out of the interest earned from the corpus. The fund will be apportioned to the RWAs registered with DDA and will be managed by a Committee in which DDA will be represented by the Executive Engineer of the concerned zone. The civil and electrical maintenance of all the newly constructed flats will be carried only from the interest arising out of the corpus created for maintenance. In case, there is any shortfall, the concerned RWAs, registered with DDA, will have to bridge the gap through contribution from the allottees and DDA will not contribute any fund towards maintenance. The fund becomes operative from the date the first demand-cum-allotment letter is issued. The general principles for maintenance will be as follows:
1. The individual flat owners will be fully responsible for all internal maintenance of their flats after they take over the possession.
2. Major repairs including white-wash of external areas will be carried out on need basis subject to availability of funds. In schemes where maintenance deposit has been taken by DDA, these major repairs will be carried out of the money available from interest as provided in the scheme. The link officer of DDA nominated for the purpose will coordinate with the RWAs to set-up maintenance fund.
3. Day to day maintenance including maintenance of green areas, cleanliness of campus/colony/housing pocket, replacement of light fittings in common areas, maintenance and operation of lifts, payment of electricity bill for common areas etc. will be the responsibility of concerned RWAs 4. However DDA will prepare a panel of maintenance service providers which shall be available to the RWAs to choose a service agency or make its own arrangement to cater to this requirement. 
5. For common areas which are common to several housing pockets/ colonies, the responsibility of maintenance will be with urban body, after the area is handed over to the urban body. Till such time that the area is handed over to urban body, maintenance will remain with DDA. While handing over, DDA will clearly mark the area to be maintained by the urban body and area to be maintained by RWAs.
6. Those facilities which are common to more than one RWA like Community Centre, Gyms etc. will be maintained by DDA.
7. RWA will have to maintain a separate fund for day to day maintenance mentioned at (3) above. Therefore maintenance will be dealt in two separate categories i.e. Major (Capital nature) and day to day maintenance.
8. RWA will be notified about defect liability in each pocket separately.

If it is established that the applicant has applied although he was not eligible as per conditions laid down in Clause 2, the application/ allotment will be rejected/cancelled summarily without issuing any show cause notice for the same and the amount deposited by allottee will be forfeited. 
i. The allottee shall be entitled to take possession only after he/she has completed all the formalities, paid all dues and furnished/executed all the documents as required in the demand-cum-allotment letter. Digitally signed Possession letter will be issued online only, and the allottee has to upload self-attested copies of the requisite documents. An SMS/ Email intimation regarding uploading of possession letter will also be sent to the allottees 
ii. After issuance of Possession letter, allottee may reserve a date for physical possession through On-Line mode. If the allottee does not take possession of the flat within 3 months from the date of issue of possession letter, he/she shall be liable to pay watch and ward charges at the prescribed rates beyond a period of 3 months from the date of issue of possession letter up to a maximum period of one year from the date of issue of possession letter. 
iii. If the physical possession is still not taken over then the allotment shall be automatically cancelled. No show cause notice shall be served before cancellation. Any amount deposited towards the cost of the flat shall be refundable without interest in such a case of cancellation after deduction of Application Money.
iv. The property is being offered on “as is where basis is”. The DDA will not entertain any request for additions or alterations or any complaints whatsoever, regarding property circumstances as defined in Regulation 19 of the DDA (Management & Disposal of Housing Estate) Regulation 1968. DDA shall also not entertain a complaint about cost of flat, its design, the quality of material used, workmanship or any other defect.

i. The Conveyance Deed (Free Hold Deed) papers will be issued online by DDA after physical possession of the flat. The expenditure on e-stamping and other expenses on account of registration of Conveyance Deed, etc. in this regard shall be borne by the allottee. 
ii. The allottee shall not be entitled to transfer or otherwise part with the possession of the whole or any part of the flat before execution of Conveyance Deed. In the event of sale/ transfer being made without execution and registration of Conveyance Deed, such sale/transfer shall not be recognized by the Authority and allotment of such flats will be cancelled and possession will be resumed. 
iii. The Conveyance Deed in the prescribed format transferring the title to the flat shall be executed in favour of the original allottee, after physical possession of the flat which shall be registered with the Sub-Registrar as per law, upon receipt of all other dues provided the original allottee has not in any manner sold, transferred or alienated the whole or any part of the flat by any agreement, of whatsoever nature and/or parted with possession thereof. Date of execution of Conveyance Deed will be reserved by allottee through online mode only. Applicants are required to upload the copy e-stamp papers of the requisite value before reservation of date of execution of conveyance deed. On the reserved date, Applicants will have to come with all the original documents for the purpose of verification.
iv. In the event of death of the original allottee prior to execution of Conveyance Deed, the Conveyance Deed shall be executed in favour of the legal heir(s) of the original allottee, as per policy/guidelines of DDA in respect of mutation.
v. Since a number of concessions are being offered under EWS category while working the cost of the flats, the allottee of EWS category flat would not be permitted to sell/ transfer or otherwise part with the possession of the flat in any manner for a period of Five(5) years from the date of issuance of demand-cum-allotment letter.

All allotments shall be made on Free hold basis. However, the title shall be transferred only when the Conveyance Deed is executed in favour of the allottee and it is registered in the office of the sub-Registrar, GNCTD.

(i) The applicants are advised to visit the site and inspect the flat and satisfy himself/ herself with regard to location, size and cost before applying for allotment. 
(ii) The contact numbers and addresses of the concerned Divisional Executive Engineers to facilitate visit and inspection of the sample flat is as below :

(i) DDA will run Shuttle Bus Services from Jahangirpuri Metro Station to Narela on Saturdays and Sundays, till the scheme is open. Details of the shuttle Bus service will be provided separately.
(ii) A dedicated Help Desk along with dedicated call centre will also start functioning at NSK, Vikas Sadan from 25.03.2019, for facilitating the general public.
(iii) Empanelled banks will also operate help-desks at selected branches to help/ assist the applicants for filing On-Line applications. (For details of empanelled banks, see Annexure B )
The eligible allottees may avail benefit under Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna- Housing for All (Urban). The details of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna – Housing for All (Urban) are available on DDA’s website.

(A) DDA reserves the right to alter any terms and conditions/clause of the Scheme brochure at its discretion as and when considered necessary.
(B) DDA reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of flat on offer under the Scheme. DDA also Reserves the right to withdraw some/all flats depending on the circumstances.
(C) The allotment under this Scheme shall be on the terms and conditions contained in this brochure, demand cum allotment letter and the DDA (Management & Disposal of Housing Estate) Regulations, 1968.
(D) As per provisions contained in Regulations No.17 of DDA (Management & Disposal of Housing Estate) Regulations 1986, all rates fees, taxes, charges assessment of municipal taxes and levies of whatsoever nature shall be borne by the allottee of the Registered Agency/ Association of Apartment
Owners; as the case may be and shall be payable by the allottee of Association of Apartment Owners’/Registered Agency within the periods specified in this behalf.
(E) Any dispute shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Courts at Delhi/New Delhi only.
(F) In all the correspondence within DDA regarding allotment etc., the applicants are advised to quote their Application Form No., File No, etc., and such correspondence be addressed to Dy. Director concerned D’-Block, Vikas Sadan DDA, New Delhi-110023.
(G) In case of any grievance, the applicant can contact Director (H)-I/Director (H)-II, Commissioner (Housing) or the Vice Chairman, DDA during their Public Hearing days. However, on financial issues, the applicant is advised to first contact Financial Advisor (Housing), D-Block 1st Floor Vikas Sadan, New Delhi-110023.
(H) It is not possible to check the eligibility of applicant at the time of acceptance of the application. Applicants in their own interest should carefully fully go through the eligibility conditions before submitting their application. Those applicants who do not fulfill eligibility criteria would not be entitled for allotment of flats if at a later stage it is detected that they are not eligible under the Scheme.
(I) Allottee will be required to intimate the source of payment. For the purpose, he/she will have to submit a copy of bank pass book. Bank Statement, loan documents, if raised. 
(J) Allottee will be required to submit an affidavit duly attested that he/she has not executed any general/special Power of attorney, agreement to sell, bayana receipt or any other
documents in respect to Application/flat allotted to him/her. 
(K) The demand-cum-allotment letter will be issued on the basis of information/document furnished by the applicant in the Application Form for allotment of flat. In case, it is found at any stage that the documents/ information furnished by the applicant are incorrect/ false/ untrue, the allotment shall
stand cancelled automatically without any notice and the claim of the applicant in such cases will not be entertained. The whole amount, including Application Money, will be forfeited.
(L) Other terms and conditions of the scheme not specifically mentioned above will be as per Terms and Conditions of Housing Scheme 2017.

Source: https://dda.org.in/ddahs19/AppForm/DDAAppBroucher.aspx
For Complete Broucher in PDF format click below: 

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